Model United Nations

Since 2018, PIPD has been working hard to spearhead a Model United Nations program across Palestinian universities. The aim of this project is to broaden the horizons of Palestinian students by exposing them to international issues and forums via Model United Nations and allowing that to be the vehicle that transforms their thinking and understanding of the world and the place of Palestine within it. The project will undertake rigorous training of these student to invest in their capability building and better prepare them to be more engaged citizens at home and better representatives of Palestine abroad. The project will afford them the opportunity to engage and test their new skills in local Model United Nation Conference and take what they learned and rub shoulders with their contemporaries from universities around the world in international conferences in Berlin, Stockholm and New York.

PUMUN would focus on students from 5 major universities in the West Bank – having a core group of up to 25 students from each university. These include:

  1. Al-Quds University/Bard
  2. Birzeit University
  3. Al-Najah University
  4. Bethlehem University
  5. Arab American University

PUMUN participants were selected based on extensive criteria set by PIPD and partnering universities.

Each year of the project will be composed and divided into the following phases:

1- Capacity building training before the local conference, focusing on MUN format, writing skills, critical thinking and analysis skills, public speaking, familiarity with resolutions, research in addition to increasing their knowledge and background on the United Nations, International Law and Human Rights Conventions.

2- Local MUN Conference, allows students to apply the skills and knowledge received from previous phase, and will be used to help in the process of selecting the students who perform best at the conference so they can participate in an international conference.

3- Capacity Building training following the Local conference and before the international conference, will take place to ensure the research and preparation process is going proficiently; Focusing on research, writing resolutions, knowledge of the policies and countries selected students will be representing in the international conference. This phase will act as a substance, skills and technical support phase for selected delegates and other interested students.

4- Participation of selected delegates in one international conference at least around end of Summer time with having Berlin MUN in August as our 1st priority and Stockholm MUN in September as our 2nd priority for this year.